Thursday, June 16, 2016

Illustration Friday with my new Wacom tablet...

Two new developments:

1.  I bought a Wacom tablet and am having a really good time discovering all that it can do — it's truly amazing.  I've been able to replicate my painterly style digitally — and am excited to explore how it will effect my work going forward ... to be able to "save as" or "Command-Z"... to work in layers... I think it will really free me up — I'll be able to explore options and be braver with my choices going forward.  YAY — it's exciting.

2.  I'm going to start submitting illustrations to the Illustration Friday blog... starting today... here's my first one — the theme this week is "TORNADO" — I did a quick pencil sketch last night, scanned it, then did a quick digital sketch over it.  I was glad to discover that sketching w/my Wacom looks just as natural as if I used a pen or marker... FUN!!!