Friday, February 3, 2012


Hello — I just finished an illustration for the NESCBWI conference that I'm attending in April, but I can't show it to you!  So I'm posting this cute kitty instead.  :^)

The illustration I worked on today is for a poster contest that the conference is putting on — the theme is "A Whole New World" and the challenge is:  "How do you go about building an entire world in just one image?  How do you use illustration to "keep it real"?  Explore a new world in your poster."  Well, I did and it's done.  I'll post the image after the contest is over — I wouldn't want anyone stealing my fab idea!

Next on my to-do list is to create a few new images to add to my portfolio.  I want to have a really strong cohesive collection of work to present at the conference.  Ok, I better get to it!

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